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Here is the Exposé of our flat:

apartment for sale in Stuttgart Asemwald


Apartment / flat in best hight and location in 70599 Stuttgart Asemwald for sale

Position of the apartment / flat: see the red mark in the photo below.

The shopping center is directly left in front of the building (flat roof in half shade), which can be reached barrier-free.
To the right is the underground car park (under the tennis curts) and the way into the green.

red mark: Apartment position in 6th floor



View to north towards Fernsehturm (in the rainbow) ...

... from the bedroom window
or from the kids-/guest-/working- room window.

Below are 2 photos (placed together) with the view to south from the very quiet balcony. In summer an awning provides pleasent shade.

view to north


view to south from balcony



The apartment / flat in details:

3.5 rooms, 1 bathroom, toilet seperate, 80.43 sqm, constr.year 1972
with balcony + awning, underground parking space and basement room - barrier-free

Bathroom with bathtub and washing machine, separate toilet. Also built-in kitchen
and built-in wardrobe in the bed- and kid/guest/work room; entrance door viewer, ...

Energy consumption: 143.9 KWh per square meter and year


The monthly costs includes nearly ALL benefits
(see overview):

  • Modernization and renovation of the building.

  • Maintenance and service of the elevators (2 per staircase)

  • Care of the outside facilities

  • Superintendent service

  • Winter services

  • Waste service

  • Fire alarm service

  • Cable TV

  • Secure master key system

  • etc.


The Asemwald has an own shopping center, which is close to the entrance.
The purchase can brought directly into the flat with the shopping cart.

Furthermore there is a Kindergarten, a hights indoor pool with sauna
and a hights restaurant as well as sports facilities, play areas, ... around.

The Asemwald is conveniently located and has a good bus connection
to Stuttgart Degerloch ZOB and Plieningen/Hohenheim.

Due to surrounding forests and fields, the recreational value is very high
and this place is perfect to start to local recreation areas or places of interest.


Cost overview per month since 01/01/2024
The amount is currently very high because due to the modernization of the elevators, there are
additional reserve payments required. Also the once high gas prices have still an impact.

Please keep in mind that the enormous price increase in the last years for services (craft, modernizing)
will affect the additional costs (reserves) of all properties.

allocatable costs (incl. gas, water, ...) 372 €
not allocatable costs 34 €
payment for reserve fund 363 €
       Sum per month 769 €
in addition: electricity* and phone/internet  

All documents are visible.
*Balcony power stations are in planning




Ground plan
Living space total: 80.43 sqm

The balcony (Balkon) to the south (above in the ground plan) offers enough place to sit or to lie in the sun.
An awning provides shade if necessary.

The built-in kitchen (Küche) is completely furnished and fully functional.

Living- and dining room (Wohnen und Essen) are open, but a room divider incl. door is available in the basement room.
The passage between kitchen and dining room is open.

The balcony to the north (below in the ground plan) is walkable.

The pantry (Vorrat) offers much place.



Some photos of balcony and rooms 

balcony and dining area

the living room ...

... from both sides

Built-in kitchen and the dining room behind. The refrigerator with freezing compartment is left behind the door.

Bath and toilet are separate rooms. The washing machine is left next to the bathtub (see ground plan).

The built-in wardrobe is respectively on the left side: over the entire length in the bedroom and up to the bed in the kid/guest/work room.



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